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Steve Jobs

Apple without Steve is a very different company. This is certainly a great loss for the entire IT community.

What will change in the balance of power, Apple will cope with this situation or not - life will show. And yet - think different!

Long way to Mac OS

Either technique has become more accessible, whether evolution has to win, then I became an adult, but there has long been the primary OS at work and at home has become OS X

The evolutionary path of OS in the workplace was so:
DOS (5.0 ... 6.22) -> Windows 3.0 -> Windows 3.1 (1) -> Windows 95 -> Windows 98 -> Windows NT 4.0 -> Windows XP (I have not forgotten about Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, just not used)

Next, the path forks:
Ubuntu 8 (9, 10, 11) - at work, at home
Windows 7 - at home

Cloud computing

The basic idea of ​​cloud computing section - search for every CIO his "Stairway to Heaven"

Corporate video SAP CIS

Corporate video of SAP CIS to strengthen morale

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